Fragile & Fierce

Fragility & Fierceness

Shannon Crossman Awakening Woman, Divine, Poetry 0 Comments

Sometimes I weep from the beauty of life.
How everything coalesces into one.
The All-ness of it all.

What the Beloved must have been thinking
as She spun this world into being.

Such glory and grief strung together like
beads on the thin thread of human existence.

How does one wed so much fragility to such fierceness?

I have seen women rise from the floor
trodden near to death by life.

Bruised and battered still, they find small
pockets of hope sewn into their sweaters.

And there are women who whirl through the world
drunk with joy, on a non-stop collision course with love.

Light and gleeful still, they find tender
seeds of sadness germinating in their gardens.

What a Divine plan this, to thread light and
shadow so closely together that we cannot
rent them one from the other.


previously published on The Urban Howl, January 2017

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