Make Yourself a Divine Bonfire of Light

Make Yourself a Divine Bonfire of Light

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Burn up. Burn away. Burn higher. Burn on. Whatever you do, do not extinguish your light. It serves as a marker on the trail of awareness. Hide it or put it out and we are lost. You are lost. Darkness takes hold were light was possible. We all falter.

Be not afraid to shine.

And if you are afraid, shine anyway until the fear lessens or drops away. You are not alone in your fears or your brilliance.

Think like a mantra. Repetitive. Soul-freeing. Shine every day. Do it for your Self. Do it for the rest of us. Do it because your intentional life depends on it. Shine because anything less is a half-life. Shallow life. Unhappy life. Not enough life to thrive.

Stop wandering in a maze of self-imposed confusion.

Listen to fear and know it’s okay to whisper/yell/laughingly state, “I’m not buying what you’re telling today.” Cease the second-guessing, redirection and inner misleading roused by doubt. Refuse to be contained. Small. Less in any way. You are not confused. Just forgetting how to listen. LISTEN. To Your Self. Heart. Divine. Tune out the rest of the cacophony. Be still so you can hear. When you do…

Light your own way.

Blaze trails. Lead. Wander. Dance. Move diagonally when the way forward seems straight. Veer off onto the unmarked path or lay down face first in the grass when your heart suddenly calls out, “Here. NOW!” Refuse to care who is watching. What ‘they’ might say/think/do in response to your wild wisdom. Just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. That’s right, no-thing to lose at all. Except your mind if you keep clogging your ears to your own truth so you can be acceptable/reasonable/respected. Poppycock! All of it.

Shed limits taught to you by someone else.

They have nothing to do with your soul. Your truth. Re-member to lean inward for guidance. Divest yourself of other people’s opinions. Drop weighty anchors that hold you. Down. Back. Under. Other people’s truths belong to them – Not You. Listen for your own knowing. Cut through the fog. Illuminate yourself.

Burn so hot you scorch the earth.

Make yourself a divine bonfire of light. Light up inferno style. Until you singe hair. Fingertips. Walls. Melt smart phones. Computers. Keys. Turn to ash: Books. Photos. Memories. Blaze past your fear of being extinguished. On the other side you’ll find more light. More fire. Passion. Vitality. Breathing will be easier. Life will be truer to your desires. Shining will be simpler. Less hassle. More happy.

Be not afraid to shine. Be not afraid to follow desire into thickets and narrow winding places. Be not afraid to live on your terms, in accord with your purpose or in the throes of uncovering it. These are the truths that matter.

Find the ones that feed your fire.

Draw them nearer. Celebrate your kindred sensibilities. Fuel their fires too. Burn together. Twine and crackle collectively so that your individual flames become explosive. Lend light when someone’s fire is reduced to embers by life’s rough patches. Love too, the ones that attempt to tamp down your burning glory and for goodness sake, let them move on. Others will be better matched to their fire.

You do not have to suffer through anything. No matter what you may have been told…

Burn. Baby. Burn.

Have you honed your inner ears to listen for the guidance that fuels your fire?

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Shannon Crossman learned the hard way that untapped creative energy casts a helluva shadow, so she crafts her sanity with her hands daily. Nothing excites (or frustrates) her more than a blank page, fresh ball of yarn, or pile of foodstuffs – all waiting to be transformed into bits of deliciousness. Words are, and have always been, her way back home. She is a writer, artist, technical wizard, public speaker, witch, priestess, gluten free baker, time-bender, and COO who happens to possess a degree in Transpersonal & Somatic Psychology. She’s a mama and grandma to a gaggle of wild girls who make her heart happy. When she’s out in the business world she’s figuring out how to make things faster, more efficient, and automating the hell out automating the hell out of sh*t. Shannon still believes in magic, craves the ocean like a land-locked mermaid, and dreams of a life without shoes.

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  1. Your words are a beacon whispering to my soul. I am grateful to find an author that speaks to the deepest parts of me and my experiences so eloquently. We are not alone in life’s great ocean, the experiences are different and may even be uniquely ours, but you’ve found a way of speaking and expressing that touches our humanity and even femininity universally. Thank you for sharing such poetic beauty and wisdom. Blessed Be!

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